The Canadian BarAssociation

The Power of Unity

CBA Mid-Winter Meeting

Ottawa Ontario February 20-21, 2016


Thank you for attending the 2016 CBA Mid-Winter Meeting of Council!

To find out more about the resolutions that were passed by Council, read the CBA National Magazine blog post or view the updated resolutions.

Learn more about upcoming meetings and conferences on the CBA events page.

Unite with Canada’s leading legal minds at the CBA Mid-Winter Meeting of Council.

Join us for this exciting opportunity to debate and vote on current legal issues in CBA policy resolutions. Alongside a wealth of occasions to further engage with your fellow CBA members, Mid-Winter 2016 also features in-depth discussions about CBA Re-Think – don’t miss out on this unique chance to have your voice heard.

We look forward to seeing all members of Council and observers at this year’s governance meeting. Non-voting Council members are also invited to attend, and are encouraged to seek appointment as alternate voting members from their Branch.